Thought Field Therapy, Reflective Repatterning

Thought Field Therapy

Melanie trained with the founder of TFT, the late Dr Roger Callahan
Melanie trained with the founder of TFT, the late Dr Roger Callahan

TFT discovered and developed over 20 years by clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan is a simple, straight forward and easy to learn technique which has profoundly powerful and often rapid results. Sometimes a problem like a phobia can be resolved in just one session.

Based on principles of contemporary clinical psychology and Chinese medicine, it is a drug free method, which literally taps into the body’s energy, releasing the blockages that have traumatised the system.

It can help with the effects of stress, abuse, anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, life changes, addictive cravings and negative emotions of any kind.

Thought Field Therapy Tapping

A session includes:

  • How to eliminate stress in minutes.
  • Neutralise the effects of toxins in your body
  • Specialised breathing techniques that calm the mind.

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Reflective Repatterning

Melanie trained with Chris Milbank, the founder of Reflective Repatterning

(RR) is a psychological framework and energy medicine that uncovers very deeply held unconscious conflicting values, emotional and belief patterns. By clearing all of the energetic charge in an emotion – good and bad – the full issue can be resolved.

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