Quantum Wave Laser Well Being Treatments

Quantum Wave Laser:DSC_1221a

Cold laser Therapy is often referred to as soft laser – the quantum wave laser is a healing tool. The frequency and vibration of light it emits, donates photons to the mitochondria in the cells recharging, regenerating tissues, muscles, bones, blood and boosting the body’s abilities to combat disease

Strengthens the Body’s Immunue System – Can help with all aspects of Health and Rejuvenation.

For more information visit: www.quantumwavelaser.com


Healing and Anti Aging Facials – By working reflex zones and specific points on the face relating to the corresponding organ in the body with the Quantum Wave Red Light Probe, many ailments can also be treated through treating the face.


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Every line on our face tells a story, the unwinding effect of the light releases tension and trauma held in the cell memory – allowing the stress from the clients face to be neutralised and vitality restored.

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