jamie2013225Jamie Smart – Clarity Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Author

“Melanie has been working in the holistic bodywork field for over 20 years.  Her understanding of The Principles help her create a safe place to deeply unwind. Uplifting and Lovely Treatment”




C. Hewitt (Teacher)

“I have been having facials and massage treatments from Mel for a number of years and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Mel is warm, understanding and is truly gifted. She has the ability to melt away the knots in my neck and shoulders. After the most amazing facials and massages I have ever experienced I feel relaxed yet empowered with a renewed strength and focus. Mel offers more than just a range of treatments she evokes the most wonderful feeling of well-being.”



Farida Siddiqui

“Sessiofaridasiddiquins with Mel are amazing. I love being taken off to another place for an hour through use of music, massage & visualisations.

Anyone can ask you to choose how you want to feel on leaving the session but actually achieving this is something special. It really works! Depending what I ask for; I either leave feeling deeply relaxed or bounding out with confidence, full of energy & equipped for my day. ”



Helen Furlong

helenfurlongMel is amazing, I leave her room feeling full of life. She takes my soul to another world while my body becomes extremely grounded. She is truly gifted.”





Testimonial from the Director of Development Services for ‘The Croxley Project’ Keeley Charlick

Picture, Right – Mel, Keely – Director of Development Services and “D”.


“Mel has worked with a group of people with learning disabilities over a period of sessions. The impact has been amazing and has opened up a whole new world to the people there.

A lot of the people who use this service cannot use words to articulate their views so through knowing their signs and behaviours we make an assessment as to whether they enjoy the sessions offered. It is the team’s view that people get a huge amount from this. It is often the only time people with learning disabilities are touched and we have seen a significant reduction in negative behaviours, improvement in communication and the way they look after themselves, general health improvement and most importantly for us is people’s self esteem. It’s difficult to imagine a life where people are repulsed by you and massage seems to offer a bit of respite from the harsh reality of some people’s life.

“N” is a middle aged woman with high anxiety and a number of physical complaints including arthritis. She described the session as a miracle, feeling like she had been wrapped in a cosy blanket and hugged. She said the arthritis in her finger had stopped and she wants a massage every day.

“P” is an older man with high anxiety and a number of health issues. He described the massage as lovely, he had a very sore neck before the massage and this disappeared after the massage, a week later the pain had not returned. He thinks everyone should have a massage.

Mel has also worked with our staff teams. They have demanding jobs and often stress levels are high. The whole energy of the building changes and as individuals we relaxed but we shared this as a team. ”

Testimonial from the Jermyn Street Theatre – Howard Jamieson Managing Director

“The combination of Melanie’s massage and thought field therapy skills have proved to be of great assistance in helping our actors during the stressful rehearsal and pre-performance period.

I would recommend her to any company whose personnel need to be relaxed and invigorated and working at their peak.”

Sheila Speaker

I have been coming to Mel for massage for years and she is amazing – I look forward to every treatment and am grateful I have such a lovely therapist.

Monica Dent

Mel – your treatment is wonderful- you made me feel completely at ease and very deeply relaxed, Thankyou

Sarah Carter

Mel is one in a million. She takes time to establish your needs. She is truly gifted and seems to have an insight as to what is right for you.

Elaine Banham

Every treatment is absolute bliss. Melanie is a superb therapist -great healing hands. All tension is gone. Peace for mind and body.

Nikki Middlemass

I am glowing after Melanie’s treatment. The facials are amazing and her energy work has transformed me – the only treatment that has worked for my phobias.

Marion Marston

Melanie has hands of gold. she has made me feel like new. I would recommend her most highly.

Dr. G Segal

It was pouring when I came out from the treatment but due to the endorphins released by your wonderful massage I was almost “singing in the rain”. I have put your leaflets on the waiting room table and will be recommending you strongly to my patients.

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