Laughter Yoga Certified Two Day Training

Joyful, Professional, Personal, Spiritual Self Development

Certified Two Day Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Melanie with Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria the founders of Laughter Yoga
Melanie with Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria the founders of Laughter Yoga

Laughter is a very wonderful way to connect people from all walks of life. It allows more creativity, flow,  interplay, communication beyond language, promoting compassion, love and kindness.

August On Line Training – see upcoming events



London Training

Lotte – Master Trainer and Melanie – Laughter Ambassador and Holistic Laughter Coach, co-facilitating the 2-Day Certified LY Leader Training – Double the Wisdom, Double the Fun!

Next Training Dates:

August On-Line

Enquire about On-Line, Laughter Facilitation, Wellbeing thru Inside Out Laughter, Sessions and Training

In Stanmore with Holistic Laughter Coach Mel

In Convent Garden with Lotte and Mel

Enquire for One – One, Small and Large Groups – Based in Stanmore or On- Site Intro Sessions, Wellbeing Sessions or Training -Your Premises

Enquire for week dates or weekend 2-Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training in Greater London – Stanmore
(5 mins walk from Stanmore Station- Jubilee Line)


New – Also Available Dates for Training in Ramsgate and surrounding Kent area

Two Day Certified Leader Training with Holistic Laughter Coach Mel, at The Sage Room, Sandwich, Kent

Enquire for future training dates


Stanmore Training

Arrive 10am onwards to start at 10.30am – 5pm both days.

Refreshments, Laughter and Release is Free

The early bird fee for the Two Day Certified training is  £195. Accredited and Certified training fee £250 payable by BACS 

Once payment is received I can then email you the manual for you to download giving you  time to become familiar with the material which you will bring to the training.


Our world needs more joy!

By becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader you can help spread the laughter and sprinkle the joy into corporate organisations, community organisations, yoga studios, health and fitness clubs, social clubs, senior care facilities, and the work place – and of course learning these playful and therapeutic techniques brings more laughter health and joy into your own life.

Melanie Bloch Laughter Therapy (5)

Written feedback from the last training includes

“I enjoyed every minute of it. You are a talented and inspirational teacher. A wonderful course”
“I can’t put into words how blessed I feel to have been part of this training”
“Magical, touching, liberating and so much more – thankyou”
“What an incredible course- I have had such a cathartic weekend thanks to your intuitive approach”


This 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training includes course details as outlined by Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement: 

  • Email Attachment 118 Page Laughter Yoga Leader Manual
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate
  • 6 months ProZone for £10 extra (full profile available after with paid membership)
Over the 2-days you will:
  • Get an understanding of the need for Laughter Yoga
  • Find out how the idea of Laughter Clubs originated
  • Learn the basic guidelines for a Laughter Session
  • et to know the benefits of Laughter Yoga as well as the risks
  • Find out how to start a Laughter Club
  • Find out how to start your own laughter business
In addition – unique to my training:
  • From my personal experience you will learn how to adapt the material to different situations, people and health conditions
  • Find out how to use laughter in your chosen field/work
  • Free entry to Stanmore Inside Out Laughter sessions
  • Opportunity for Free Repeat 2 Day Training
At the end of the two day training you will receive your certified Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate which will also enable you to get the appropriate insurance to run Laughter Sessions

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