Laughter Therapy Introduction

The Inside Out – Innate Wellbeing Laughter Experience

Do not allow your thoughts to become greater than you. No matter what your thoughts tell you, don’t listen. Remember your thoughts are not your friend. Your thoughts try to confound you, confuse you. And they will tell you all kinds of things. Do not listen to your thoughts, even your good thoughts. Transcend everything, go beyond your thoughts to your bliss, to your joy, and to your happiness. ~Robert Adams

“There is not much Laughter in Medicine
But there is a lot of Medicine in Laughter.”

A Day of Laughter and Truth All in One.

“If you want the truth I will tell you the truth.

Listen to the secret sound.

The Real Sound, which is Inside You”

Get back in touch with the natural joy and laughter already inside.
You are only ever one thought away from a feel good feeling

On Line Special Offer Price £45

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“All sorts of realisations came to me which are very rich and useful”

“I came with a real bad pain in my spine- this has lifted- wonderful”

“I feel energised, light, happy and peaceful-totally relaxed mentally, emotionally and physically”

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2 thoughts on “Laughter Therapy Introduction

  1. Amee May 25, 2017 / 11:45 am


    I was hoping to do a shorter laughter therapy session for my birthday in July. This year has been all about overcoming anxieties and thought that this would be a fab way to celebrate all I’ve achieved.. do you do small party sessions? For about 10 people? For about 2 hours? I am thinking about the sfirst 2 Saturday’s in July.

    Please let me know.


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