Laughter in the Workplace

Laughter – it’s Good for Business!

“If You Can Laugh Together You Can Work Together”  Stress is one of the most common causes of long term sickness absence in UK workplaces today (according to CIPD)
Laughter is a very powerful stress reducing tool in the workplace. Evidence suggests that it builds trust, forges bonds among colleagues, helps us cope with stress, and inspires creativity and problem solving.

Dr. Susan Albers, a psychologist, said it’s OK to laugh right now. In fact, your body will thank you for it.

“When we laugh, studies have shown that it helps us to sleep better, lower blood pressure, we become more resilient to pain, it releases endorphins and also those feel-good chemicals in the brain that helps to relieve stress,” Albers said.

Albers explained not only does laughing help us with our mental health, but it can also boost our physical health as well.

“It helps to increase the T cells in our body and reduce the cortisol levels that we feel when we feel stressed, and this boosts our immune system. And right now, that’s what we need; we need to be at our healthiest and our immune system be working at its fullest. So, some good belly laughter is really good for all of us,” Albers said.

A Wellbeing thru Laughter Session in the workplace encourages live face to face interaction, builds trust and promotes a bond between colleagues which creates a positive attitude and helps to improve:

  • Communication
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Relieves Tension
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Improves Health and Wellbeing
  • Fantastic for Team Building
  • Increased Positivity
  • Productivity and Motivation

Laughter lifts the mood and helps build a deeper sense of connection. As restrictive guards come down, it can help teams work more efficiently and effectively co-creating optimum solutions. 

Teams who laugh  together tend to be better able to open up and share challenges with each other — which is particularly important for coping with stress and enhancing creative problem solving.

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Support Wellness in your workplace with a stress releasing, fun and therapeutic wellbeing session which combines breathwork, second wave positive psychology, laughter exercises and mindful meditation.

Melanie Bloch, Holistic Laughter Coach is a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Facilitator, Therapist and Laughter Ambassador with a background of more than 25 years in the Complementary Medicine Field.

Clients say:

‘Just what we needed’

‘I was in a heavy meeting before, I feel blissed out now.’

‘Amazing-thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it’

‘Never thought laughter could be so relaxing’

‘Brilliant experience -we all loved it and even used a bit of it this morning in our all company meeting’

‘Uplifting experience -feel really energised now’

‘Most enjoyable, fun and cathartic’

Bespoke On-Site Wellbeing Sessions in the office – Small or Large

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Further Testimonials


I wanted to say thank you SO much for yesterday. It was an absolute pleasure to have you at the event and I thought the Laughter Yoga was absolutely brilliant and such a perfect fit for the Yes To brand. I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.
Felicity Haslehurst – PurePR 

We hagoaheadd a lot of fun working with Mel at the go ahead! Laughter Yoga Studio and she worked tremendously hard to help make the event a huge success. She introduced us to the world of laughter yoga and brought enthusiasm and passion with her in every session.
Alice Pinder – 3 Monkeys Communications

11224653_595305507276417_971908452836136275_oFantastic Session – we loved it! Thank you Melanie.

Melanie hosted laughter yoga therapy day at my clients office space, it was a great day and everyone loved the experience. Melanie was able to craft the sessions uniquely to meet the needs of the delegates attending making, each session very unique and tailored to the needs to the individuals in the group. We very much enjoyed working with Melanie and would love to work with her again in the future. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and effort on the day. It was a great day. 
Reena from Mode Media