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“Ask for Work that Fills your Heart with Joy and the Rest will Take Care of Itself”

“Laughter links you up to your higher self, to your heart, to your creative mind, to infinite possibilities now. Do not wait for all your problems to disappear before you laugh again. The trick is to laugh now, let go now, have fun now, dance now, smile now. Laughter transforms

Some of the medical researched benefits of Laughter include :

Increased production of endorphins- the ‘happy  chemicals’ which can lower stress, improve the mood, boost the immune system and support deeper restful sleep. Acts as a painkiller (via production of the brain’s natural morphine) improved circulatory flow, reducing inflammation and blood pressure. Increased creativity and communication. Laughter can support a deeper connection to oneself

Every Time You Laugh, You Win.

Holistic Laughter Coach, Melanie Bloch is a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Ambassador, Meditation and Laughter Therapist, Certified Happiness Coach, Mind-Body Balance Practitioner, Key Note Speaker, Facilitator and student of A Course of Miracles with over 25 years experience in the Wellbeing and Complementary Medicine Field.

“When things go all right, everybody can laugh, but when everything falls apart, and yet you laugh, that is evolution and growth.” 

Explore the Deeper Happiness

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Laughter Facilitation, Inside Out Wellbeing Sessions Meditation and Training.  Personal, Professional Development

On-Line and Onsite, Ice Breakers, One-One Coaching, Half Day Intro’s, Certified Training, Hospitality/Inset Days and Team Building for Community and the Corporate Sector

Feedback from my sessions via zoom Supporting Mental Health Awareness ‘Mel was incredibly accommodating, adapting seamlessly to my brief, as we embarked on running her session sandwiched in the middle of, what was already, a very busy programme for Mental Health Awareness and Learning at Work Week’ ‘Mel brought her quirky, fun, energetic and very ‘real self’ to the session. She was very mindful of the specific needs of the group she was working with and very quickly built a wonderful rapport with our staff. Her very relaxed and warm demeanour blended with the right mix of theory and practical exercises created a very rich and engaging session – the best take up of any such session we have had to date!’ “We were so impressed with her level of professionalism and great communicative style’ ‘What a great tonic for us all during lockdown! With our gratitude and thanks’
Read a Wellbeing Thru Laughter blog:
“Mel’s wealth of knowledge is a gift. She approached it all with a beautiful gentle grace in loving kindness. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking for an uplifting yet deep therapeutic tool in its own right to enhance their coaching”

World Laughter Day May 2019 – Melanie Bloch at London Sunday Assembly – Conway Hall

‘It was great to release my stress through laughing’ ‘I learnt so much’ ‘I really enjoyed it – my head feels clear”

‘It does work! It’s working Melanie! Love this’ Listen to Melanie’s Radio 1 Interview with Nick Grimshaw

Click below for two recordings of the show: Part 1: https://soundcloud.com/melanie-bloch-617782913/laughter-yoga-part-1
Part 2: https://soundcloud.com/melanie-bloch-617782913/laughter-yoga-part-2 https://youtu.be/Fq5V7fn9IjU

Spiritual, Personal Professional Development, One-One Coaching, Icebreakers, Sessions, Half-day Intro’s, One and Two Day Training. Available online by request.

“So much fun and laughter with a wonderful group of individuals in a relaxed and welcoming environment”
“I had done quite a bit of LY before but I was only really aware of the endorphins released. Throughout the weekend I was able to go deeper into what laughter is for me and how it can release emotions and enable you to let go of what you might not even know you are holding”
Click here for laughter interview clip

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Testimonials :

I recently had a few sessions with Mel over Zoom. And despite the inherent restrictions of communication over this medium, Mel did a brilliant job of holding the space of healing for me. Her ability to bring together her experience, skills and spirituality sharing her compassion, love and ability to soothe and heal in a way that left me feeling supported and held’

“Thanks Mel. The zoom session I had with you was so incredibly powerful, and yet so soft at the same time.I highly recommend your work” 

‘Anyone looking for some peace, fun, joy and real healing – I can guarantee Mel will deliver. She is the real deal’ 

‘I have been supported by Mel’s gentle, loving presence and gifted talents over a 6 year period in my life. She intuitively knew just what I needed when I needed it and gave me the space to move through some very difficult, challenging times with grace, kindness and above all, love.” 

‘Mel is a wonderful therapist and has helped me through some really worrying times and seen in me what I couldn’t always see in myself.She is intuitive loving caring and very supportive. I highly recommend her.’


Sat 17th and Sun 18th June 2023 The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Laughter Yoga Master Trainers and Ambassadors Lotte and Holistic Laughter Coach Mel. Double the Wisdom, Double the Fun. Neal’s Yard Meeting Rooms. 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP
…enquire regarding set dates in  Covent Garden  regarding set dates in  Covent Garden 
Explore the Benefits of Healing Laughter with Holistic Laughter Coach Mel Enquire /On Request  Wellbeing thru Inside out Laughter and Meditation Sessions
In person or via zoom Intros  One Day and Two Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training also available on request On Site, and in Stanmore -Greater London and Kent 
Enquire about the On Request Healing Laughter Skills Workshop with Holistic Laughter Coach Mel – in person or via zoom. A wonderful 3 hour interactive Healing Skills Workshop (includes a 15mins break)
Support your wellbeing, with shared laughter, warmth and connection. Laughter is an easily accessible tool that can be integrated with even the smallest amount of willingness. No jokes, no comedy, rather quick and simple exercises to reduce stress, raise your vibe, release feel-good hormones, increase oxygen and improve circulation. A great continued resource for yourself with healing laughter and self care tips you can share with your friends and family if you choose.
You gave us more time than intended, allowing us to really experience laughter in a therapeutic way” … ‘Thank you for redefining laughter Thank you for your beautiful process in getting us to let go and laugh. In these times of restriction, it was so joyous to let loose’

Spiritual, Personal Professional Development, One-One Coaching, Icebreakers, Sessions, Half-day Intro’s, One and Two Day Training. Available online by request.

A Course In Miracles Experiential Study Group with Melanie Bloch and Nicky Rawlings
2pm-3.30pm with an optional time until 4.45pm for sharing whatever comes up over a cuppa)
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Your workshops always cultivate such a wonderful sense of connection, love and peace and it’s absolutely incredible – magical to see a group of strangers laid on the floor with their arms around each other so peaceful and at ease was wonderful’ Victoria Johnson-Museum of Happiness

‘Fun and totally supported in every moment.’

‘Fantastic. Loved it’ Amplify.

“Melanie hosted hosted a laughter yoga therapy day at my clients office space, it was a great day and everyone loved the experience”

“Melanie was able to craft the sessions uniquely to meet the needs of the delegates attending making, each session very unique and tailored to the needs to the individuals in the group We very much enjoyed working with Melanie and would love to work with her again in the future. Thankyou for your energy and enthusiasm” Reena Mode Media

‘I wanted to say thank you SO much for yesterday. It was an absolute pleasure to have you at the event and I thought the Laughter Yoga was absolutely brilliant and such a perfect fit for the Yes To brand. I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.’ Felicity Haslehurst – PurePR
‘ I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for being so brilliant this weekend.  Everyone who was in the yurt seemed to absolutely love the laughter yoga, and we even did a bit of it this morning in our all-company meeting! Hope you have a lovely rest of your week, and that we get to work together again soon.’
Clemmie – Innocent Drinks
‘ We had a lot of fun working with Mel at the go ahead! Laughter Yoga Studio and she worked tremendously hard to help make the event a huge success. She introduced us to the world of laughter yoga and brought enthusiasm and passion with her in every session.’Alice Pinder – 3 Monkeys Communications

Melanie with Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria the founders of Laughter Yoga
Melanie with Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria the founders of Laughter Yoga
Laughter is a very wonderful way to connect people from all walks of life. It allows more creativity, flow,  interplay, communication beyond language,  promoting compassion, love and kindness.

Spiritual, Personal, Professional Self Development. Intros , One Day Basic and The Two Certified and Accredited Two Day Laughter Yoga Leader  Training on Site, or On – Line or in Stanmore 5 mins walk from Stanmore Station – Jubilee Line

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483293_10151559503956509_943279675_n Sat 17th and Sun 18th June 2023. Laughter Yoga Master Trainers and Ambassadors Lotte and Holistic Laughter Coach Mel – co-facilitate the 2-Day Certified LY Leader Training – Double the Wisdom, Double the Fun. Neal’s Yard Meeting Rooms. 14 Neal’s Yard, WC2H 9DP